Biomass acquisition

Hungrana Ltd. covers a significant proportion of its energy requirements by burning biomass, thus decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and fossil energy consumption. In this way we also increase market opportunities for our Hungarian agricultural partners.

LAKOS Gergelyraw material purchaser
ZÁBRÁK Gergelyraw material field team manager
HORNYÁK Szabolcsraw material field team manager
PAPP Tamásraw material purchaser
GYŐRFFY Zsoltraw material purchaser
KILÓ Gáborraw material purchaser
CZAKÓ Sándorraw material purchaser

1. Herbaceous biomass

Primary basic material types purchased for heating purposes:

  • Wheat straw
  • Triticale straw
  • Barley straw
  • Rye straw
  • Oat straw

Secondary basic material types purchased for heating purposes:

  • Rape stems
  • Lake reeds
  • Energy reeds
  • Sedge
  • Alfalfa stems

Dimensions of accepted bales:

  • Height: 0.9 metres
  • Length: min. 2.25 m - max. 2.55 m
  • Width: 1.2 m
  • Mass: min. 400 kg - max. 600 kg


2. Bulk biomass

  • Woody biomass
  • Other bulk biomass

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