Corporate Social Responsibility


In addition to domestic and international obligations and requests, Hungrana Kft. is committed to socially responsible operations, which are enforced during its actions to the narrower and wider community. It sees the purpose of its operation in a comprehensive value creation which serves the environment of Hungrana Kft., its various affected and the benefit of the whole society. Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of the corporate culture and plays a permanent and key role in the decisions taken during the management and operation of Hungrana Kft.

As a business organization, Hungrana Kft. mostly fulfils its social role in a way that it is just as a reliable partner of non-governmental, non-profit and governmental actors for decades as of organisations involved in production and trade. In addition, the Company is constantly developing: it naturalizes the highest level of technology and standards in our country and in the region - it encourages knowledge and improvements.

The reliable operation, the centuries of history and the European market leader position of Hungrana Kft. makes it one of the key players of the region. The Company’s work affect not only the business world but other sectors of the society and the environment. Because of the responsibility arising from this, Hungrana Kft. has created the following strategy:

CSR Strategy