Hungrasweet CDX (crystalline dextrose)

Hungrasweet CDX (crystalline dextrose)

Dextrose monohydrate

Crystalline dextrose is the simplest carbohydrate. It is of fundamental importance in biological processes: it is used by cells as a source of energy and metabolites. It is absorbed almost immediately. It is the quickest “instant” energy source. Due to its rapid absorption, crystalline dextrose suddenly raises blood sugar and insulin levels, which favours “pumping” nutrients into the muscles. Crystalline dextrose monohydrate is a pleasantly sweet, easily digested simple sugar with a refreshing taste. These properties make it suitable for usage in a broad range of foodstuffs.


Road transportation

How supplied

25 kg sack, 1 tonne big-bag sack


In confectionary, baking industry, pharmaceutical industry and dairy products and for animal feedstuffs. Eminently useful as an additive for meat industry preparations, as well as for fermentation purposes. In fondant and cream fillings it can partially substitute for granulated sugar, utilising its moderately sweet and pleasantly refreshing flavour impression.