Hungranalc N (grade 1 96 % rectified spirit)

Hungranalc N (grade 1 96 % rectified spirit)

This product is grade 1 rectified spirit for consumption purposes, produced by multiple distillation, with a minimum alcohol content of 96 V/V% and of agricultural origin, made from 100% grain. The product complies with the relevant EU and Hungarian specifications.


Road and rail transportation


Owing to its neutral taste, the most extensive area of usage is the production of distilled liquor, where it is used in the manufacture of liqueurs, distillates and flavoured alcoholic beverages. The product complies with the strict specifications for vodka manufacture, and is therefore an excellent base material for vodka preparations. It may be used in the production of flavourings and herbal extracts, in the chemical industry as a solvent or disinfectant, as well is in the cosmetics industry as a medium.