Hungrafeed® Pro / Gluten


Corn gluten is a premium quality basic commodity containing concentrated protein, used for the feeding of livestock, fish and animals kept as pets (dogs, cats).

Gluten is one of the main components of corn. It is obtained from the corn during moist processing. Due to its useful properties, corn gluten is eminently suitable for a number of purposes: its high methionine content (essential amino acid – 2.4 g/100 g protein) enables the amino acid composition of other generally used protein carriers (e.g. soya meal) to be supplemented. The low ash, potassium and sodium content of the product, as well as its natural yellow colour (thanks to its approx. 160 ppm content of xanthophylls, which have antioxidant properties), also provide excellent opportunities for usage.

The easy digestibility, low mineral and non-allergenic protein content of corn gluten enable its use in a wide range of premium quality feedstuff base materials.

Corn gluten in the feeding of ruminant animals (milch cows)

In order for cows capable of high daily milk production to achieve peak output, they must obtain the necessary protein and energy from excellent quality feed. Corn gluten naturally contains a significant proportion of bypass protein (74%) and digestible energy (13.6 MJ/kg), which promote a high milk yield as well as the achievement of milk protein ratio in high production cows.

Corn gluten in the feeding of poultry

Corn is a basic component of poultry feeds. Corn gluten is an excellent source of amino acids (chiefly outstanding with regard to methionine and cysteine content), providing protein and energy as a component of ready feeds. Besides this it naturally contains yellow pigment (xanthophylls), which is a useful component of broiler and layer feeds, colouring the final products and thus making them more marketable. Its low potassium and sodium content restricts excessive hydration of broiler chickens and turkeys in a natural way.

Corn gluten in the feeding of pigs

Due to its prominent digestible energy content, as well as low sodium and potassium, gluten is an excellent source of amino acids (chiefly outstanding with regard to methionine and cysteine content), providing protein and energy as a component of ready feeds. Due to its easy digestibility, it is an ideal component of piglet and porket feeds.

Corn gluten in the feeding of fish

Fish require feed with a high protein and energy content. Due to its high protein content, fish meal is traditionally the main component of this type of feeds. The availability of fish meal, however, has not been able to keep up with the growth in demand for concentrated proteins. Feedstuff experts have found in corn gluten an alternative source of protein and energy, with the help of which a balanced inner content of fish feeds can be guaranteed. Besides salmon and trout, it is also found in high proportion in the feeds for other sea fish (bass, bream).

Corn gluten in the feeding of pets (dogs, cats)

Well balanced quality feeding for dogs and cats is extremely important. Their requirement for protein and energy typically exceeds that of livestock, whereas their mineral substance requirement is very specific (particularly for cats). Corn gluten contains quality protein, which due to both its amino acid composition and its physical properties, enables it to be used as a basic commodity in dog and cat foods. The methionine found in prominent proportion in the amino acid composition of gluten protein not only plays a role in digestion, but also gives the animals’ fur a healthy, shiny appearance. The low mineral substance content, the lack of anti-nutritive effect in the product and its natural bright colour make it an indispensible constituent of tinned foods as well as feedstuffs for land-animal pets.

Proposed proportion in the feedstuffs for various animal species       

Ruminants 2-5%
Calves 2-5%
Pigs/sows 2-5%
Piglets    2-5%
Broilers 2-10%
Layers 2-10%
Fish  10-25%
Pets 10-25%



Road, rail and water transportation

How supplied

25 kg sack, 1 tonne big-bag sack, in bulk