Hungrafeed® Gold / CGF


With its natural protein, energy and fibre content, CGF feedstuff is a basic commodity which plays an important role in the feeding of ruminants, pigs, poultry and pets.

During starch production by the moist processing of corn, after separation of the larger proportion of the starch, the corn germs and the corn gluten, CGF is the remaining source of protein, energy, vitamins and mineral substances which can be economically utilised for feedstuff purposes. The CGF is marketed as moist or dry powder and in pellet form.

CGF in the feeding of ruminants

Dry CGF is a cost-effective, flexible alternative to cereals when making up ruminant premixes and feedstuffs. Moist CGF is suitable for the preparation of excellent quality silo feeds either by itself or together with other green feedstuffs. Thanks to the natural fibre, protein and energy content, the CGF promotes the digestion processes taking place in the rumen.
CGF also has additional glycogen and aminogen components which promote the production of good quality milk in cows. The glycogen materials are transformed into lactose which raises the milk yield, whilst the aminogen constituents play a role in milk protein synthesis.

CGF in the feeding of pigs

Natural fibre plays a prominent role in feedstuffs for pigs, promoting the development of the intestinal flora necessary for healthy digestion. The natural fibre found in CGF, supplemented with the starch, protein, mineral substance and vitamin content of the basic commodity, can be an effective component of porket and sow feeds.

CGF in the feeding of poultry

Corn is a basic component of poultry feeds. CGF is a cost-effective alternative for providing the starch, protein and fibre contents of quality poultry feeds.

CGF in the feeding of pets (dogs)

CGF is a basic commodity rich in mineral substances which, supplemented with its natural and good quality fibre content, makes it an excellent constituent of dog foods. Due to its natural yellow-light brown colour, it is also a favourite base material for coloured dry feeds.

Proposed proportion in the feedstuffs for various animal species

Hungrafeed® Gold / Dry CGF (%)

Ruminants 10-40%
Calves 10-20%
Pigs/sows 5-20%
Piglets 5-10%
Broilers 2-10%
Layers 5-10%
Fish 0-5%
Pets 5-20%

Hungrafeed® Gold / Moist CGF (kg/nap)

Ruminants  5-15
Calves  1-5
Pigs/sows  1-2



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