Hungragerm® / Corn germ

Corn germ

Corn germ contains natural vegetable oil, and is thus an excellent energy source for the feeding of poultry, ruminants, pigs and pets.

The corn germ is separated out from the corn grains by physical means during the first phase of starch production by moist processing. The separated germ contains approximately 42% easily manageable oil, which may become an important constituent of animal feedstuffs. The oil content of the product is bound to the germ fibre, which prevents the oil leaking out of the ready feed pellets.

Corn germ in the feeding of ruminants

For cows with high milk yield, meeting their high energy and protein requirements efficiently is a key issue. Animals with an annual 5000-6000 litre milk yield profit directly from the bypass energy and protein found in feedstuffs. The natural bypass oil content of corn germ helps with the exploitation of the production capacity of high potential cows and prevents the fall in output resulting from the development of an energy deficient state.

Corn germ in the feeding of poultry

Poultry feeds must have a high energy content, corresponding to the needs of the stock to be fed. Providing the appropriate dosage of fat or oil is not necessarily an easy task. The use of corn germ is an obvious way of guaranteeing the needed oil and energy levels for poultry feeds.

Corn germ in the feeding of pigs

Besides its high vegetable oil and unsaturated fatty acid content, corn germ is used for feeding pigs also due to its natural, easily digestible fibre. The energy content of the feeds can be increased simply by using germ.

Corn germ in the feeding of pets

Besides its nutrient content, the usage of corn germ is also preferred due to its beneficial effect on the animal’s coat when producing feeds for our favourite pets.

Proposed proportion in the feedstuffs for various animal species

Ruminants 2-5%
Calves 2-5%
Pigs/sows 2-10%
Piglets 2-10%
Broilers 2-10%
Layers 2-10%
Fish 2-10%
Pets 5-10%



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