Feed corn acquisition

We buy up dried feed corn throughout the year as a raw material and seasonally dry corn, with a maximum moisture content of 28%.

Qualitative and quantitative acceptance on our site: Szabadegyháza, Ipartelep.

Qualitative acceptance procedure: samples taken from each truck and classified concurrently with acceptance for physical parameters (cleanness, broken grains, etc.), followed by determination of chemical composition parameters by laboratory testing of combined sample.

Quality requirements

  • For the manufacture of our products, we purchase corn grown in Hungary for which seed corn officially marketed and certified in Hungary has been used, which may be tracked and documented and which complies with the contents of article 18 of EC regulation 178/2002.
  • At the request of the Customer, the Supplier is obliged to certify the origin of the seed corn in a credible manner in writing; during the growing season chemical ripening accelerators or desiccating agents may not be used.
  • The commodity must comply with the contents of MSZ standard no. 12540-98, with the enhancement that it may not include mouldy grains. The commodity may not contain (even at the expense of admixture) seeds of eared cereals. The commodity must be healthy, free from live and dead pests, it may not be rotten, mouldy, warmed, muggy or have a foreign odour. The delivered commodity may not contain dioxin.
  • The commodity must comply with the health and plant protection regulations currently in force, the regulations included in law XLVI of year 2008 on the food chain and its official supervision, as well as the regulations of MRD order 65/2012. (VII. 4.) on the enforcement of law CXIX of year 2001 on the production, marketing and utilisation of feedstuffs including detailed specifications, and the relevant regulations of MARD order 44/2003 (IV.26.) on the compulsory regulations of the Hungarian Feed Code. The DON toxin content of the commodity delivered may not exceed the value of 1.0 mg/kg. The aflatoxin content of each consignment must be less than the value of 3.0 ppb.