Our Integrated Control System

At the centre of the Company’s Integrated Control System lie quality, environmentally aware operation and safe working conditions, which are based on the involvement of every member of the organisation. Hungrana Ltd. professes that long term success may be achieved by means of satisfaction for clients, employees and society.

The Company lays great emphasis on maintaining the quality of work processes and practices, from planning through control and assurance all the way to quality development. For this purpose the Company modernises assets and the working environment, and supports in-service training for employees in order for the results coupled with disciplined team work to guarantee constant development for Hungrana Ltd. and its partners.

Besides quality management, the Company directorate is committed to creating and maintaining a quality culture, which building on Company strengths will support challenging but realisable personal and common goals.

It is the goal of Hungrana Ltd. that the quality development methods employed, besides the aspect of increasing economic efficiency, will also contribute to development of the industry and an increase in the positive influence on society.