The idea of sustainability directly affects every player in society on a daily basis. The most important innovations and processes only achieve their goal if they have full impact on the everyday routine of consumers and users.

Sustainable development is one of the most important quality development undertakings for Hungrana Ltd., which for the Company primarily means the optimisation of production processes while keeping an eye on personal and environmental safety. In the course of this, Hungrana Ltd. keeps constant track of the utilisation of materials, energy and other resources, supports recycling, strives to reduce the environmental impact resulting from the marketing of these, and in addition puts schemes into effect in order to economise natural resources. The Company lays great stress on the development and integration of technologies which lessen environmental effects, is constantly improving its processes, and also uses sustainability as a comprehensive criterion in its external contacts.

Besides protecting environmental treasures, Hungrana Ltd. is committed to keeping track of the chief economic effects of the organisation on society and the impact of product and service management on customers and users, as well as to the protection of human rights and social responsibility, i.e. the constant expansion of skills in connection with these and continuous dialogue between the Company and society.

In order to achieve this, our Company is in possession of certification issued by Bureau Veritas for a sustainability system in accordance with ISCC EU standard, and has drafted the following Sustainability Policy:

Sustainability Policy