The Bioeconomy Company

We make natural products exclusively by natural means, using a broad range of the most modern technologies and renewable energies, without waste. We believe that sustainable development can only be achieved in harmony with our environment, laying great emphasis on our responsibility towards society.

As the most significant corn processing company in Europe, Hungrana Starch and Isosugar Manufacturing and Trading Co. Ltd. has been a definitive player in the Hungarian food industry for more than 100 years. Day by day, consumers can encounter the sugar and starch assortments, alcohol and fodder commodities produced here when they purchase dairy products, pastries, jams or soft and alcoholic drinks, or even when they take the paper packaging for these into their hands. Environmental responsibility is of high priority for Hungrana Ltd., an excellent example of which is that the firm produces a bioethanol fuel made from renewable energy resources and marketed under the name GreenPower E85.

The Szabadegyháza works was founded in 1912 as an alcohol plant based on molasses, then later, following the launch of the corn processing line, isosugar production also began in 1981. Following privatisation, Hungrana Ltd. came into being with the sale of the state-owned Szabadegyháza Alcohol Producer Factory.

The plant has undergone constant development and expansion which continues to the present day. We are steadily increasing the efficiency of our plant and developing new products, while the corn-processing capacity has grown from 400 tonnes/day in the mid 90s to almost 3500 by the present day. Our new bioethanol unit was commissioned in 2008, and our 100 year anniversary was also encompassed with recent developments, the most significant of which was the construction of a biomass power plant providing 25% of our energy input.

This dynamism defines both our present and our future. We respond to the current challenges of the world by making constant investments, reinforcing our market position and setting an example in the bioeconomics industry.

We process exclusively Hungarian corn, more than one million tonnes on a yearly basis. And two thirds of the steam necessary for manufacturing the Hungarian commodities is produced by an environmentally friendly method, with the aid of a biomass furnace.