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As the most significant corn processing company in Europe, Hungrana Starch and Isoglucose Manufacturing and Trading Ltd. (Hungrana Keményítő- és Izocukorgyártó és Forgalmazó Kft.) has been a definitive player in the Hungarian food industry for more than a century.

Day by day, consumers come across our sugar and starch assortments and alcohol and fodder commodities produced here when they purchase dairy products, pastries, jams or soft and alcoholic drinks, or even when they take paper packaging into their hands.


Our values

Growth and development

Owing to the conscious development of our organization, we maintain a steady market leadership. We keep abreast of industry trends and explore the options of introducing a new profile, new technologies, and new products. Our goal is to create sustainable values through innovative operations.


We work together for common goals. All our employees and partners see, understand and can implement these common goals into their own field of work. We are a motivated, proactive, positive-minded, self-starter team.

Success is our driving force

Our everyday business is characterized by outstanding performance. We align the individual interests of the company and our employees, involve and motivate our employees, and help them in their professional and personal development. We embrace, support and provide resources for incoming development ideas and suggestions.


Our company provides its employees with a stable workplace and a supportive and stimulating environment. Our employees are loyal to us and proud of our common values.

Expertise and reliability

Our activities are characterized by transparent operation, high professional standards and commitment to sustainable development. We are reliable and expert partners. As a good strategic partner, we provide our customers both with products and complex value-added services.