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Judit Gerlinger-Wirth

Product Sales Manager - Ethanol

  • Mobil: +36 (30) 226 8833
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Traditional alcoholic products

Our grain spirit products are used in various industries and are marketed under the Hungranalc brand in two main categories: with an alcohol content of 96% v/v and in dehydrated form with a minimum alcohol content of 99.5% v/v.

The premium segment of 96% alcohols is the fine alcohol, which is an important ingredient not only the food industry but in pharmaceutics as well. Our potable alcohol fully meets the vodka standard and is a popular ingredient for alcoholic beverages. It is an excellent disinfectant and a solvent essential for the production of various active ingredients and flavours (aromas).

So-called industrial alcohols are mainly used in the chemical industry, in cosmetics and household chemicals as basic alcohol or in various denatured forms.

Some of the most important fields of application of 99% dehydrated alcohol products are the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. There is also significant demand in solvent production and in manufacturing fine chemical products, thinners and windscreen and window cleaning liquids.


The product we produce in the highest quantity is bioethanol, a dehydrated alcohol specifically for use in fuels. Currently, bioethanol from cereals is an obvious and efficient source of renewable energy in Europe, reducing the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in petrol-driven vehicles by mixing it into their fuel. Bioethanol produced by Hungrana has a GHG emission savings rate of well above the EU average, over 80% compared to motor gasoline, making it increasingly preferred on the European market.