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Bence Toth

Product Sales Manager - Sugar products and sweeteners
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Isoglucose is a syrup with high fructose content obtained from corn starch by enzymatic hydrolysis, purification and concentration. An aqueous solution of glucose, fructose (fruit sugar) and various higher-grade sugars depending on the type. Considering the ratio of glucose to fructose, it may be called glucose-fructose or fructose-glucose syrup. Isoglucose is a high-calorie sugar syrup that is a 100% pure natural sweetener and is perfect for replacing crystal sugar. It is mainly used for the production of soft drinks, energy drinks, syrups, jams, jellies, fruit juices, confectionery, baked goods, dairy products and canned products.


Glucose is a syrupy, viscous, clear, colourless aqueous solution of various sugar molecules with a taste that is less sweet, obtained from the starch through enzymatic hydrolysis. This involves breaking down the long chains of glucose molecules bound in a starch chain into shorter chains. This process results in a mixture of sugars (glucose syrup).

Syrups with varying glucose and maltose content are widely used in the manufacture of various types of confectionary products, e.g., in manufacturing jellybeans, ice creams, candies, chewing gums, jams and gelatine confections, and even in the brewing industry.


Dextrose monohydrate, commonly known as grape sugar, is one of the simplest carbohydrates. Its importance in biological processes is fundamental: it is utilized by cells as a source of energy and metabolite. It is the most readily available energy source. Due to the rapid absorption of glucose, it quickly raises blood glucose and insulin levels, helping to “pump" nutrients to the muscles.

This product is available in liquid and crystalline form alike. Crystalline dextrose monohydrate is a pleasantly sweet, easy-to-digest sugar with a cooling taste. These properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries, such as in the production of food and feedstuffs and pharmaceuticals. It is used in confectionery and baked goods, dairy products, fondant and cream fillings, meat products and animal feeds. Its liquid form is high in dextrose (glucose) and creates a sweet, viscous, rapidly crystallizing syrup which is used by the pharmaceutical industry as a feedstock for fermentation.